Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Blood Whole Beings

(Vampire poem) This nights its cold I am dieing of thirst As I wait here for you Not knowing what I should do In the air I smell your sent Your close, I can sense With a smile just like a child You walk under the streetlight with me So soft your skin So warms your face You embrace me tightly Love me, despite my race You touch my face You lingers on my lips Your happiness fades “Your starving!” you say Quickly, with no though for you being You show me your neck And tell me too feed I am your life You’ve no love for those living souls You don’t yearn for thieir touch Even though they want it so much You I saved and you I loved On you I am afraid too feed What would it be, if it became me But I know If I do not I will be the one to be lost So slowly I do what I must So long I have lust And I know deep down this is what you want My lips they pass on you lovely neck I hear your heart Beating so fast And as I bite I hear you gasp Are beings, they are one Now you love me but more! My being its not dominate But is loving with you Completely you give in too me You love how it hurts You love being one with me NO! Your heart beat it slows With all of my love And all my strength I pull my mouth away So you lay passed out but live till another day Never have I know such love! With you I will forever stay Until it is that you pass away But I know it would be too selfish of me To convent my god and defile his reign But you must know When you die I will to then Pass away

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